Opus VI prerelease weekend

Well, my two pre-releases are done and they both went well in terms of pulls!
In terms of games, not so much. I usually do okay in sealed but didn’t really get enough scary forwards to push for damage much. Day 1 I managed to pull around 11-12 forwards that were actually useable, day 2 didn’t go much better.

Between the 5 pre-release kits my wife and I bought we pulled:
Rinoa (foil), Estinien x2 (foil & nonfoil), Garland x2, Seifer x2 (foil & nonfoil) and Firion. And a Yuna.


As a lightning player I’m pretty thrilled with the pulls as it means my main deck should really be finished by the time I pick up my box on release date.

Favourite interaction of the pre-release sealed format was Rinoa + Kiros, which worked as a pretty cool way to push damage through. Rinoa + Pieuje was pretty useful as well for CP ramp & getting forwards out quickly, but unfortunately as I didn’t get too much removal in my packs or too many big guys, my decks fell over pretty quickly.

I was hoping to pull Nidhogg for Rinoa + Nidhogg shenanigans, but it wasn’t to be.

Caetuna was also pretty fun to use in pre-release too, got a few surprise 11k nukes with the new bahamut in the second pre-release, but i found that with only 6 points of damage rather than 7 that point of damage dealt as part of the effect really hurt.

All in all, seems like a very cool set, it feels slightly less power-creepy than I expected but I guess we’ll have to see what happens when constructed decks start appearing.

Hope you all had a great pre-release weekend and I hope the warm weather didn’t make it too unbearable!

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