Opus VI Legends Review


Synergises really well with Water, but pigeonholes you towards playing Water/Fire (or tri-colour). Obvious synergies are Ovelia and the Knights that water brings with it (Steiner and Beatrix being a good pair) as well as Claidie in the event that anything does actually get dulled. Also provides breaks in his Round Edge ability which is something water and fire does not have many of. He’s a solid card, but his merits come from the things that work with him rather than the card himself. He’s certainly not the best legend in the set, and he’s definitely not the worst. Plus there’s loads of Garlands already released, so if you want to spam his S abilities, you could. If that’s what you wanted to do.

19 (1)

I scoffed at Firion first of all, but I’ve grown much more fond of him as more of Opus VI got revealed. Another card I think would work best in Fire/Water (paired with Guy), although he’s feasible in Fire/Wind as well, if you really commit to the FFII/Rebel theme. He’s also a really great way to clear out backups that you may want to get off the field (Opus VI’s Thordan VII being the example that immediately leaps to mind), and a potential 2cp 9k with Haste, First Strike and Brave could steal games. I think he’s a good pick for one of the FFII legendaries, and the art is awesome too.


…It feels like Ice didn’t really need this? I mean, he’s a good card, great card, nice EX burst & a cool (badumtish) effect, but the mono ice lineup is reasonably cramped already. Dull and Freeze off of an auto ability is incredibly potent (as seen on everyone’s favourite Ice 4 cost), and you probably won’t resolve the second effect too much unless you’re lining up a second 1 cost Edward play or a second Jihl Nabaat for more freeze, but you’re looking at quite a bit of lost CP to replay those backups again. The EX burst on top of all this is just the ‘icing’ on the cake. Groan.


Rinoa’s great. She had some fun tricks in pre-release play (replaying Kiros for an instant haste, brave, first strike 9k, or re-playing Nidhogg) but I think Rinoa is one of the cards that will only get better as the game progresses. She essentially has a more flexible & quicker version of Opus 3 Time Mage‘s effect, and if you combine her with Tama to play her from your hand in your opponents turn, you could really catch your opponent off guard. Time Mage had some good applications but was expensive and slow, Rinoa is a faster, cheaper Time Mage that can stab people. And you can revive her with things like Devout, as well. I can’t wait to see what people do with this card as sets go forward, I think the most immediate applications we see will be in Mono Ice, with Rinoa re-playing things like Genesis, Orphan, Cid Raines, or any of the discard forwards. Best card in the set for potential.


Famously errata’d before release, and with good reason. If it wasn’t fixed so that the re-activation could only be applied to Wind forwards, we would be looking at some extremely bad Gesper-based times. There’s still combo opportunity available, but it requires a bit more setup to do. I think Zidane will find a home in most Ice/Wind decks, perhaps we’ll see a resurgence in Nathan Perez Starve style decks thanks to Zidane? If you get Zidane, Genesis and Locke all on the field all attacking, it’s pretty much game over for your opponent.


I am not thrilled with Maria. The art is nice, and the second effect could have some applications in Wind/Lightning decks, but I think she suffers most from being called Maria. And getting super-countered by Emperor. She may possibly have some application in title series decks, but I don’t really like this card too much.


I pulled this in pre-release and immediately traded it for a Garland. I think this was a bit of a weird choice for a Legend slot in earth. It’s basically a less good Miner. You’ll end up with this stuck in play if you can’t break a Light Character or Dark Character (although there is the very niche application you might blow up a Cosmos or Chaos with it) unlike Miner which you can break to pick up a forward from the break zone, as well as the ability to play multiple Miners at once. 9 times out of 10, if you play this Minfilia, it’s gonna stay in play and you’ve just picked up a couple of backups. She also doesn’t beat out Shantotto for the high cost Earth backup slot. The ability to pickup characters rather than backups is a plus, but at the end of the day I’d say it’s a one-of at most. I’m totally happy to be proven wrong!


Leo’s fun! He enables a lot of weird decks to work if you can get him out and bulked up, but if he isn’t buffed up by his effect he is going to die hilariously quickly. He can be played in a Golbez deck (and could be played off of Golbez if only he was 2 cost) to make playing all your different colours a lot easier. Not a whole lot to say about this card, he’s just a good include if you’re building any strange rainbow decks.


As a mono lightning player I’m hilariously biased towards Estinien & Seifer, and I could see Estinien being a really big hitter this opus if he isn’t immediately dealt with by your opponent. Most of the time, your opponent isn’t going to block him, and you can restand him to either attack again or simply leave a blocker up – if you resolve 2 of Estinien’s attacks a turn, you’re putting your opponent on a really short timer. One thing to note though is, he will probably get wrecked by Ashe + Rasler + a combat trick, which is certainly something to keep an eye out for.


Seifer has a really similar ability to Opus 1 Legendary Squall, except in this case bad things happen to your opponent even if they don’t block him. He gets Haste from Raijin, and First Strike from Fujin, and if his effect resolves, it can make it a lot easier to burn things down with cards like Al-Cid or Opus VI Ramuh. Cool card, made better by his backups. I only wish Fujin had been lightning too!


Oh boy. When they released a second Minwu, they needed to release one with a beast of an effect so that people might actually replace the Opus 1 backup Minwu. If his search effect hits, he’s a soft 2 cost with 7k attack power, which is good in itself, but when you attack it opens up a whole world of kickpunching on your opponent. There are currently 66 different cards Minwu can cast for free when he declares an attack. Sixty-six. Some work strangely, or not at all (hello Cactuar), but some are insane. Prepare for Water decks throwing out 4 cost Odins, 4 cost Bahamuts, or their usual array of Leviathans and swinging for free attacks. Good card. Will only get better.


Another legend I pulled at pre-release and I wasn’t thrilled for it. Now, full disclosure I’m not a YRP player (which I assume stands for Yang, Raubahn, Prishe?) so there’s not much in this card for me. Her first effect(s) are pretty nice in that it effectly lowers her cost by allowing you to play a second gullwing forward or search for a second gullwing forward upon playing her, which puts her not too far away from starter deck Ace in that regard (a card I have played and enjoyed playing). You could potentially play Opus 1 Paine off of her effect to recoup some (a lot) of the CP you spent playing Yuna, which is nice. Her second effect is mainly where I take issue with her, her costs seem a bit high and specific for the purpose. 1 cost is fine, activating a forward is great, gaining +1000 is a pretty nice combat trick. Removing 3 summons from the break zone from the game is a bit pants. With the majority of decks running 7-10 summons, you’re realistically gonna resolve this once or maybe twice, and even then you will have needed to have gotten a lot of stuff into your break zone to do so. Looks nuts in foil though.


This one’s easily going to win the “Opus VI award for hilarious mispronunciations.” The first effect is potentially really powerful, and could win you the game. If it backfires though, it could put you really behind with the self-mill of 5 cards. If someone plays this towards the end of the game you can just turtle and let them lose by deckout. The second effect is probably the one people will go for the majority of the time, as it makes Big H a 4 cost 9k. Nice. The last effect will likely be good in the future, but isn’t incredibly relevant right now, as recursion is not as prevalent as it is in other games.


I realise I have an objectively wrong opinion on this card, but I love this card and I want to see it grow up healthy. 9 cost seems a bit high at first glance, but his two effects make up for it, especially in the way they are worded. With how the effects are worded, even if one effect can’t be activated or would fizzle, the other will still resolve. Removing a forward is great. Removing a random card from the opponents hand will either force them to panic spaff their hand or will just remove something. Either is good for you. Also if your opponent ever activates Chaos, Walker of the Wheel against you, you are legally obligated to airhorn as you play Nidhogg for free off of it. One of my favourite cards from previous sets was Raiden, this is a Raiden that can stab people. I love it. I am biased.

So that’s the legends done.
I’m gonna go pass out from the heat.

2 thoughts on “Opus VI Legends Review”

  1. I disagree about Garland not being that great by himself. Fire have a lot of breaks but all of them require a dull action. Garland on the other hand, can break things even if he is dull and frozen, it’s a perfect card to deal with those annoying ice decks (looking at Vayne).


    1. Good points! He’s not terrible, but I don’t think he’s what fire needed. Personally I think fire needs a bit more support that is not dependant on a job or category so it can catch up with the other decks. I feel fire needs something the level of estinien or the new minwu to level the playing field.


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