Budget Build Friday #1 – EX Knights

Budget Build Fridays are geared around making affordable decks that are a good starting point for newer players, that you can build from bulk or are affordable. We aim to provide a deck every week with a wide range of playstyles that won’t break the bank.

A new player at our locals has been wanting to play something that plays similar to a black deck in Magic the Gathering. Knowing virtually nothing about MTG, a friend said that that kind of deck should be around sacrificing life to make big plays go off – with this in mind I thought a Fusoya-based deck would be a good fit, and that Knights would allow me to make a pretty low-costed build that’s easy to play for a new player, while still reasonably powerful. With 22 EX bursts, it’s pretty forgiving to play as well.

FFDecks.com link: Water/Lightning EX Knights


FFdecks weighs in that the deck is valued at $8.41 – cheaper than a starter deck and easily buildable from bulk cards if you want to get a friend to try the game out.

So, let’s have a look at the card choices.


Cait Sith – This card made the grade because he’s an EX burst, another body to get on the field, and he’s really cheap. Lets us get through for more damage and can also be used defensively on an EX burst. Black Waltz 3 is also a very good 3-of in this slot, just for the Fusoya synergy. You could use 2 of 1, and then 1 of the other, or 3 of either, it’s your call.

Beatrix & Steiner – Beatrix is the beatstick of the deck, her on attack auto-ability is good enough already to justify her being a 3-cost for 7k, but she also gets more power when Steiner is on the field, and doesn’t recieve damage from opponent’s abilities when he’s around, too! Steiner isn’t nearly as important, but he allows us to search Beatrix and enable her effects. These two also gain even more value if you decided to upgrade the deck and add in anything like Garnet. Plus, they’re both Knights, which helps the overall theme of the deck. Steiner looks small at first glance, but with full buffs goes to a respectable 9k.

Zalbaag & Dycedarg – A couple of Knights that have situationally useful auto-abilities. The balance of these you run is up to you, I’ve gone with one of each in this list for toolboxing with Duke Goltanna.

Curilla & Trion – Curilla is a 9k attacker on her own (or she can give her boost to another Water forward), and Trion is a great supporting card in this deck bringing all other knights up by 1k power. Curilla also enables some powerful burns with her S ability, especially when paired with Fusoya or Cyclops.

Ramza – Ramza gets huge when you have 5 backups down. That’s all there really is to it. You can safely replace this Ramza with either of the Legendary Ramza cards (the opus V one being preferable) if you choose to upgrade!

Agrias – She’s a Knight, she has first strike, she searches Ovelia on EX. She might look small at first, but with Trion & Ovelia down, she becomes an 8k First Strike, which is sometimes pretty tough for decks to deal with.



Cyclops –  Cyclops helps you get through, and can be used offensively and defensively, or used to bring things down into kill range of your Fusoya, even with cards like Minwu up that typically stop your burn damage.


Leviathan – It bounces a dude on EX. Can be replaced with Famfrit, if you prefer.

Cuchulainn, the Impure – Lets you draw & brings power down, which allows you to get more things into that sweet 7k Fusoya kill range. Late game, if your opponent has a decent field and is tapped out, may just outright kill something. Worst case scenario, it lets you draw off of an EX burst.

Cuchulainn, the Impure



Claidie – Activates any forward in this deck for free aside from Cait Sith, makes attacking a lot safer as you know you should typically always have something able to block.


Geomancer – Lets you look at the top card of your deck to check and see if it is worth Fusoya-ing or if it is worth letting damage through or blocking.


Ovelia – +1k to all forwards in the deck. Get this down as early as possible.

Red Mage – Allows haste, which will often steal games. You can find you will be able to do stuff like drop Cait Sith, dull a forward, haste Cait Sith and steal a game for a total of 3 CP.

Duke Goltanna – Lets you search for a Knight! A typical search chain would be to grab Steiner, so you can use that Steiner to search for Beatrix.

Fusoya – Combine this with other stuff in the deck to deal 1 point of damage to yourself (and hopefully EX burst off of that damage) and 7k of damage to an enemy forward. With the power modifiers in the deck you should find it kills things more often than not.


Merlwyb – This is a flex slot, a singleton Merlwyb in the deck for another EX burst and an opportunity to pitch a dead Fusoya that might be sat in your hand doing very little. You can put whatever you want in this slot.



There are a few enhancements you can make to the deck, but they bump the price up quite a way – if you wanted to follow the Knight theme a little more, the following are what I would recommend as a good starting point.

Ramza – A really good boss monster, especially once you have the swarm aspect of the deck down. With Trion & Ovelia out, you only need to have two forwards in play to bring his effect on line, and at that point, you’re probably going to end the game extremely quickly. One of the more expensive cards from Opus V, but with good reason.


Steiner – A solid forward choice if you find you need a bigger bruiser. He’ll be 10k under Trion & Ovelia, and his effect has some neat applications that allow you to dodge some common things like Al-Cid. Being able to draw a card is also awesome if you’ve already taken 3 damage, which in a Fusoya deck is not unfeasible.


The following cards are more general upgrades rather than anything on the Knight theme.

Al-Cid – If you end up more lightning-heavy, Al-Cid is a solid addition to a deck. The issue is that to make the most out of Al-Cid you need to commit 3x Al-Cid, 3x Onion Knight, and 2x Rygdea as well as ideally some other targets… He’s a big commit but he’s strong.

Garnet – Garnet’s great! She’s searchable off of your EX Steiner, and turns all summons into combat tricks. She’s also 3-cost for 7k, and totally untargetable by your opponents summons. She still dies to Famfrit, though. She’s a good pick.

Cloud of Darkness – A really good option if you find yourself warming up to the burn aspect of this deck. Declare an attack, target a forward to drop it’s power with Cloud of Darkness’ effect, then Fusoya before blockers. It’ll beat most things! A really scary forward from Opus V.

Amon – A good alternative to Cait Sith if you don’t really mind losing the EX. You have the advantage of a great 8k attack power on a 4-cost card, he dulls an opponent’s forward when he enters play, and can also dull himself to dull a forward from then on. He’s also a lot cheaper than he used to be.

Bismarck – Bismarck is absolutely nuts. The third effect on it is a day-ruiner. The only reason it didn’t get in (aside from cost) is because it lacks an EX burst, but you can see why it doesn’t have one just by reading the card text. I’d move to get this into your summon lineup asap if you can live without it EX bursting.


That brings us to the end of our first Budget Build Friday article, hopefully it’s a fun deck that you’ll be able to try out with your friends, or you’ll use it to get some new players involved!

Thanks for reading!

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