Card of the Week #6 – White Mage

This week we’re having a look at a stellar anti-meta backup, White Mage!

White Mage

At first glance, White Mage doesn’t look like it does too much, and admittedly it doesn’t, but White Mage’s strengths come from the things it can interact with. The a lot of current meta decks run a lot of recursion in the form of Phoenix, Devout, Urianger, Miner, Scholar, Leila, and Lenna, as well as the new summon recursion cards from Opus VI.

With the on-play ability, you’ll want to remove something that you perceive to be a vital part of the deck – be that a Viking waiting to give the opponent an advantage, a Cactuar waiting to come out and start gently caressing Dadaluma via Urianger, or a summon ready to get used by Yuna‘s action ability to activate and buff a Gullwing. If you’re running White Mage, you can answer a lot of plays you otherwise would not be able to answer at all.

The second ability is a bit trickier to use. I mostly practice against a Leyak Control/Urianger Mill deck, and I found pretty much every time I tried to fire off the action ability on an empty stack, it would get responded to with something that would resurrect it or put it back to hand – don’t gamble the second effect. It’s not worth guessing whether they have an answer for it. Wait for your opponent to target it with something like Phoenix, or Miner, and then pop White Mage in response to remove it and make their effect fizzle. If you see your opponent setting up a Zemus or Edea play, you can REALLY ruin their day with White Mage.

Also worth noting is that this backup does not have to be active to use it’s action ability, so it’s good practice to leave it dulled and pay for it with something else to see if you can make your opponent forget about it – you’ll find quite a bit opponents don’t pay attention to backups that you have dulled, and only consider the active ones to be valid threats.

There’s not a huge amount to write about this week’s Card of the Week, but I genuinely believe in the current meta, if you are running Wind in any capacity, at least consider running some White Mages, because it will just straight up win you the game in some matchups.

I’m giving White Mage a “That’s a nice Break Zone you have there, it would be a shame if anything were to happen to it” out of 10.

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