10 Cards from Chapters I’d like to see come to FFTCG

Figured I’d do something a bit different as a one-off article today as it’s the Bank Holiday so I have a little free time!

Here I’m gonna ramble on for a bit about a few Chapters cards I’d really like to see come out in FFTCG – as an FFVII fanboy some of these cards are going to be impossibly predictable – and some would certainly need slight rebalancing!

1. Sephiroth


Effect: “When Sephiroth enters the Field, choose 1 character. Remove it from the game.

When Sephiroth leaves the Field, remove him from the game instead.

Remove 3 characters of the same element from the game: Put Sephiroth on the Field. This ability can only be used when Sephiroth has been removed from the game.”

I’ve wanted this card to be a thing since I first found out that Final Fantasy had a card game, and long before it came west and got printed in other languages. Being someone that predominantly plays mono decks (and loves FFVII), I really want to run this. Thematically it’s really on point (with Kadaj, Yazoo & Loz being the intended sacrifices to revive Sephiroth from the lifestream – which in this case is the RFG zone). He also has great support from a card later on in this list, and would be searchable by Opus III Sephiroth. Once this guy has hit the field and died, he becomes a real lingering threat for the rest of the game, and your opponent would really have to worry about you playing something like Thaumaturge > Thaumaturge > Argath and then saccing them all for this. Plus the Advent Children art is always really nice!
2. Cloud

Effect: “When Cloud attacks, he gains 2000 Power until end of turn.

Omnislash ver.5 [S]: Choose 1 Forward. It loses all abilities until end of turn. Remove it from the game.”

A legitimately good Cloud! That doesn’t need to be propped up by other FFVII cards! My main concern with this card would be him being light – I’d strongly say if he was to come to FFTCG he should be moved to Fire. Reasoning behind this is that his removal is really, really good, and elements that are already strong with spot removal likely don’t need access to Omnislash Version 5. It’d also give Fire some non-damage based removal, which it sorely needs, and his auto ability encourages you to attack with him whenever the opportunity arrives. The alt art would look great in foil, too!
3. Tifa


Effect: “Opponent must Block Tifa if able.

When Tifa is Blocked, she gains 2000 Power until end of turn.

1 Fire CP: Tifa gains Haste until end of turn.

2 Fire CP: Choose 1 Forward opponent controls. It becomes Active.”

PLEASE RELEASE THIS CARD ENTIRELY UNCHANGED. I love this card. I don’t have much to say about it, but it’d probably slot into any fire deck I build pretty early as a 3-of beater. Searchable by Zangan, probably swinging for 9k most of the time and gives Fire really nice combat-based removal, while still being pretty vulnerable to combat tricks. I could see party attacks with Zhuyu being pretty brutal with this, but how realistic that combo would be is another matter. Also has some nice synergy in Lightning/Fire, you can use her second ability to set up Al-Cid combos, if you want.
4. Ace


Effect: “Whenever [Job (Class Zero)] Forwards other than Ace attack, choose 1 Forward. It can’t Block this turn.

Tri-Laser [S]: Choose up to 3 Forwards. Deal them 5000 damage.”

Just a solid card, and I’m really eager for Cadets to get a bit of an upgrade. Tri-Laser is also cheap enough that it is spammable, it’s not unthinkable that you could drop 2-3 Aces for some really efficient removal.
5. Seven


Effect: “[Job (Class Zero)] Forwards you control other than Seven gain Pre-Emptive Strike.

Head Strike [S]1 Wind CP: Choose 1 card name. Break all Monsters with that card name.”

I find First Strike a really fun mechanic in FFTCG. Giving all your forwards First Strike could be pretty hilarious with big guys like King out. Head Strike also explodes Cactuars all day long, but I’m not sure how relevant it would be outside of that. I see this getting an include in deck primarily for more Snakebites, if Cadets ever make a comeback.
6. Bahamut Prime


Effect: “When Bahamut Prime enters the Field, choose 1 of the following 2:

– Choose 1 Forward. Remove it from the game.

– Deal 5000 damage to all Forwards opponent controls.

Bahamut Prime doesn’t receive damage less than its Power.

Teraflare [S] 4 Shine CP: Deal 10000 damage to all Forwards other than Bahamut Prime.”

Bahamut Prime is the very incarnation of a Big Bad Boss Monster. 10k attack. Built in Minwu. RFGs a forward when he enters the game. I could see this card being really abuse-able with Rinoa, I think he’d definitely compete for the same spot Nidhogg currently occupies in the metagame. Also if you pull that special off, you have likely won the game.
7. Safer Sephiroth


Effect: “Safer Sephiroth’s name is also Sephiroth.

If one of your [Card Name (Sephiroth)] has been removed from the game, the cost of Safer Sephiroth in your hand becomes 1.

The auto-ability of Forwards entering opponent’s Field doesn’t activate.”

I don’t think this will get printed without some serious redesign, but I really like it nonetheless. I’d prefer non-Theatrhythm art for it, but the effect is a real killer. If it is paired with the Sephiroth in position 1 on this list, he’s a 1 cost 8k that stops your opponents Forward’s auto-abilities from activating. No Al-Cid. No Viking. No Leila. No Genesis. No Cid Aulstyne (except on EX). I think he’s probably a little too strong, especially as he is in the element that arguably needs him the least (apparently there was a problem in Chapters where no one wanted to play Ice so it got some hilariously overpowered cards to incentivise people playing it.)
8. Freya


Effect: “If you have a [Job (DRAGON)] in your Break Zone, Freya gains Haste and Pre-emptive Strike.

Dragon’s Crest – [S] 1 Lightning CP: Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 3000 damage for each [Job (DRAGON)] character card in your Break Zone.”

I like Dragoons. I want to run more Freyas! This is a card named Freya! Also pretty cool that we have 6 cards that are job Dragon already, and none of them are markedly terrible.. They’re not all optimal but there’s not one I would consider totally unplayable, so this means Freya has the potential to hit really really hard with her special! The fact she’s on curve is really solid, too.
9. Odin


Effect: “Break all Forwards and Monsters.”

There’s not a whole lot to write about this effect. I like huge summons that nuke everything. The fact it breaks monsters is a huge plus!
10. Odin (again)


Effect: “Choose 1 Forward or Monster of cost 3 or less. If you have 0 cards in your hand, Break it.”

I really like this card, and I really like that it’s Dark. If this was released as is, it’s a decent tech card against Ice-heavy metas. Opponent gutting your hand? Pay 1 and punish them. Hell, pay multiples of 1 and stack these to punish them hard. I’d strongly push against this moving to Lightning with the other Odins, because it’s a pretty good counter to Ice for whatever deck needs it, but isn’t so powerful that it makes Ice totally useless.

I might do another one of these in the future, for now I just wanted to show you guys some cards you might not have seen before, that we might end up getting in a set! There is of course a chance we won’t get any of these… but hey!

Thanks for reading!

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