Budget Build Fridays #8 – There’s no Business like Snow Business

Budget Build Fridays are geared around making affordable decks that are a good starting point for newer players, that you can build from bulk or are affordable. We aim to provide a deck every week with a wide range of playstyles that won’t break the bank.

This week we’re looking at an element that I’d been avoiding for a bit as people tend to have little positive to say about it, but with the recent Crystal Tower podcast covering the subject (check it out, Jordan Denk’s DGS Ice Deck heavily inspired this week’s build, and he’s a guest this week) I figured now was a time to look at a cheap version of Mono Ice Turbo Discard. The deck comes in at $25.15 according to FFdecks, and it’s full of cards that should be pretty easy to obtain. It’s also a great opportunity for a load of really cool puns, so take a seat, chill out, and check out the list below.

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