Deck: Scions with a side of Nachos

Just a quick post to share an early build I’m enjoying from Opus 8 so far!

I was testing this list out last night, Feels really good:

Having a full lineup of scion backups makes Y’shtola and Yda a lot more reliable, and the Warriors of Darkness play really well with them too, if you resolve Alba with your hasty scions on the field it’s game over!

Fordola’s also really good for dispatching Louisoix to free up that slot for your final scion backup.

If you’re thinking of playing scions this set, I definitely reccomend giving this build a look!

What have you guys built so far?

Chapters – The Primals!

So I’ve been on a bit of an FFXIV kick lately, and we’ve got some new FFXIV: Stormblood cards coming in March in both the new FFXIV 2019 starter deck and in Opus VIII – March can’t come quickly enough for me, so I figured we don’t we pass the time by having a look at some Primal cards from the original FFTCG Chapters game.

So it feels like the Opus incarnation of the TCG has very much skipped over FFXIV1.0 and FFXIVARR with the exception of the Scions. As of time of writing, we’re missing stuff like Gaius and Nael, and most notably the Primals. I don’t know how to transition from intro to article without saying “let’s get into it,” so, let’s get into it. Continue reading “Chapters – The Primals!”