Opus X First Details!

From the Final Fantasy TCG Australia Facebook:

Opus X – Ancient Champions releases November 8th

Comprising 130 standard cards + 162 premium cards
10 exclusive cards from the new 2 player starter sets “Wraith VS Knights” plus a whopping 22 special Rare Full Art Cards! Players who go for a full display will also be rewarded with a special promotional card.

As the iconic Warrior of Light figure suggests, Opus 10 features numerous characters whispered of in myth and legend and sees the introduction of the new key word “Damage”, which initiates unique text effects once a player has taken a specified amount of damage. This opens up further tactical options, such as deliberately taking damage or holding off from dealing it in the early game, leading to even more exciting late-game developments than ever seen before! Players & collectors can also expect more original artwork by the renowned artists, as well as the introduction of a new spinoff from the main series: Final fantasy xii revenant wings

泉沢康久(Yasuhisa Izumisawa) World Of Final Fantasy
浅見瑠比(Rubi Asami) Mobius Final Fantasy
上国料勇(Isamu Kamikokuryo)FINAL FANTASY XII
松田俊孝(Toshitaka Matsuda) FINAL FANTASY III
オグロアキラ(Akira Oguro)Final Fantasy IV


Looks like we have a full art Legend Squall for the box topper, and goddamn his effect is pretty sweet.

Translation provided by Byan of the r/FinalFantasyTCG Discord:

Squall 3CP 7k

SeeD Candidate

ETB: Choose 1 Character, if your opponent has 2 cards or less in their hand, dull it.

Damage 2 ETB: Choose 1 Character, dull it and freeze it

Damage 5 ETB: Choose 1 Forward, if it is dull, deal it 8k damage.

He seems pretty powerful, and shows off the new keyword that was previously mentioned on stream! The thing that I really want to know, is does he gain these abilities as you gain more damage, or do they replace each other? I’m really happy for Ice to get a useful on-curve forward, we’ve had far too many 4CP 7ks, and let’s not forget he’s searchable off of Laguna!

I guess we’ll find out about the new keyword closer to November!


Card of the Week #8 – Squall

This week’s Card of the Week, fittingly from Final Fantasy 8, is the two-cost terror, Squall!


Squall is a cool dude. 2 cost is nice, and fits into Ice’s arsenal of two drops really nicely, and he’s on theme in that he benefits from you having played the discard game, but isn’t quite as devastating as Cid Aulstyne (who does a bit too much for his condition, but that’s another article entirely – tl;dr is Ice doesn’t need a roided-up Edea that punishes your opponent for already being behind). Getting a reward for getting your opponent to two cards in hand is really nice, with a bigger payoff when you get them to no cards – which can even be used as a combat trick is really really nice. He doesn’t tempo swing so hard your opponent will never be able to come back, and infact he’ll drop back to 5k when they start their next turn and draw some cards, but he does reward you for doing what your deck does well.

Also giving Ice conditional access to haste is really nice, I can’t remember what tournament I was watching recently (I’ve been watching a loooot of tournaments), it was possibly German Nats? A game was decided on this guy and the gamble of “if he has Squall, I lose. If he doesn’t have Squall, I win.”

Squall came out and won that game by dealing the last point of damage. Rewarding Ice based on the number of cards in the opponent’s hand is awesome, providing the reward isn’t something that puts you so far ahead the game is essentially over. I think this is a good example of a reasonable reward.

Being a SeeD Candidate this guy is also searchable off of Selphie, and he also has some nice synergy with the Laguna we got way back in Opus 1 – and both of these cards are EX bursts, which is always nice to have. It’s also really good to see more playable versions of protagonists from Final Fantasy games, as so far a lot of the playable characters have been essentially random NPCs from Final Fantasy games that have ended up just being straight up more playable than their main cast counterparts.

As a final note as well, he’s a totally sweet over-extend punish in Golbez decks, and I fully recommend trying him out in your next Golbez build. You can legitimately pop Golbez in exchange for Squall, Ninja, Onion Knight and Tifa and immediately swing for 4 points of damage, which is okay I guess.

I’m rating Squall a whatever out of ten.